I. Starters

  1. Chicken Balls
  2. Chicken Skewer Satay
  3. Chicken Wings with Salt & Pepper
  4. Ribs with Salt & Pepper
  5. Spring Rolls
  6. Crispy Seaweed
  7. Crispy Aromatic Duck with Pancakes
  8. Prawn Crackers
  9. Prawn Toast
  10. Crab Claws
  11. Fried Fish Fingers
  12. Oriental King Prawn
  13. Squid Rings

II. Main Courses

A. Chicken

  1. Chicken with Cashew Nuts
  2. Chicken with Szechwan Dishes
  3. Chinese Chicken Curry
  4. Chicken with Black Bean Sauce
  5. Chicken with Ginger and Spring Onions
  6. Sweet and Sour Crispy Chicken
  7. Lemon Chicken

B. Pork

  1. Pork Char Sui
  2. Pork with Cashew Nuts
  3. Pork in Oyster Sauce
  4. Roasted Pork in Chilli and Garlic Sauce
  5. Pork in Szechwan Sauce
  6. Kinto Ribs in Capital Sauce
  7. Ribs with Salt and Pepper

C. Beef

  1. Beef with Black Bean Sauce
  2. Beef with Mushroom and Oyster Sauce
  3. Beef in Szechwan Sauce
  4. Beef with Green Beans and Garlic Sauce
  5. Crispy Shredded Beef

D. Seafood

  1. Mussels with Black Bean Sauce
  2. Prawn with Chilli Garlic

E. Duck

  1. Crispy Duck in Shanghai Sauce
  2. Duck with Ginger and Spring Onions
  3. Duck with Black Pepper

F. Vegetables

  1. Chinese Mixed Vegetables with Tofu
  2. Broccoli Stir-Fried
  3. Long Bean Stir-Fried with Oyster Sauce
  4. Fresh Mushroom Stir-Fried
  5. Vegetables Fried Noodles
  6. Egg Fried Noodles
  7. Egg Fried Rice
  8. Special Fried Rice

G. Soups

  1. Sweetcorn Soup Chicken/Crab
  2. Hot and Sour Soup Chicken/Vegetable
  3. Won Ton Seafood Soup
  4. Prawn Coriander Soup